Steel Shapes Library For AutoCAD® & LT®

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Allows users to pick channel or beam from a simple drop down dialog within AutoCAD® or LT®. Includes 1050 symbols with various sizes and shapes. Free installation provided if needed.


This Steel Shapes Symbol Library contains over 1050 symbols, all of which comply with the appropriate AISI, AISC or ANSI steel construction standard.

The Steel Shapes library consists of:

  • I-Beams (S) shapes from S3 x 5.7 to S24 x 121.
  • Channels (C) shapes from C3 x 4.1 to C15 x 50.
  • Wide Flanges (W) shapes from W4 x 13 to W44 x 335.
  • Angles (L) shapes from L2 x L2 x 1/8 to L9 x 4 x 5/8.
  • Misc. Channels (MC) shapes from MC6 x 12 to MC18 x 58.
  • Square Hollows (H) sections from H1-1 / 2 x 1-1/2 x 3/16 to H30 x 30 x 5/8.
  • Rectangular Hollows (H) sections from H2-1 / 2 x 2-1/2 x 3/16 to H30 x 24 x 1/2.
  • Pipe sections from 1/8 x Sch.5 to 60 x Sch. XH and 8 x Sch. XXH.

Note: Click thumbnail on left column to view the shapes.

Each of the steel shape sections are grouped into separate blocks. When exploded they are drawn as poly-lines on Layer 0. When inserted the symbol will inherit the active layers properties.

The AutoCAD® block library also includes centerlines (where possible) which are drawn on a separate layer and can be turned off if necessary.

CAD Compatibility:

The specifications used to develop this steel symbols library were obtained from the 2nd edition of the AISC Manual of Steel Construction. The library are drawn as accurate as possible using this standard.

For critical dimensions we suggest referring to the certified dimension sheet obtainable from the steel shape manufacturer.

Pull-down menus are also supplied for use with AutoCAD® R14 to version 2016, and AutoCAD® LT95 to LT 2016.

Using these menus are highly recommend, since they are organize in a way to locate the shapes in a very efficient way. Additionally the menus do not interfere with any prior menu customization and toolbar settings.

Installation of the library:

Please make sure AutoCAD® is closed before installation. To uninstall the blocks simply run the provided installer by downloading it with a provided login.